An informational concept brochure that highlights the behavioral patterns of people who exhibit abusive behavior as well as people who have experienced the effects thereof.

I used the analogy of a russian doll to represent how patterns of abuse can be passed down generationally, and to highlight the individual’s complex layers–much like hard shells, that guard their innermost thoughts, feelings, and true self.

Additionally, I incorporated imagery such as a brain scan transparency as texture throughout the brochure. This element was important to me because abuse alters the brain in forms of structure and chemical function.

The brochure is small in size and muted in color to ease the processing of such a difficult subject matter. This brochure is meant to be helpful, not intrusive.

The goal of this introspective process is to get to the heart of the problem–deconstruct the layers of past wounds, see the patterns in feelings and actions, and hopefully make decisions that will break the cycle of abuse.

4” x 6”

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